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UPDATE, 1/18/2016:

The Virginia House of Delegates voted 57-36 to adopt HR 268, a resolution to recognize the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision each year as the "Day of Tears" and encourage Virginia citizens to mourn and lower flags to half-staff. 

As this bill was a House resolution, it does not go on to the Senate or Governor and stands as the opinion of the House of Delegates.

This resolution was yet another example of Virginia politicians trying to shame women for their personal reproductive decisions and stigmatize abortion. In addition to imposing multiple restrictions that make accessing abortion as difficult as possible for Virginia women, these politicians now also want to tell women who've had an abortion how to feel and show them their government disrespects their decisions. 

See the vote tally and find out how your delegate voted. (Yeas were a vote to adopt the resolution. Several delegates were not present and are marked as "not voting.") You can find out who your legislator is and how to contact them here

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