Anti-choice politicians have control of our State House and Senate  and they're going after our reproductive health care. 


On top of everything that's happening nationally, anti-choice legislators here in Minnesota are doing everything in their power to eliminate access to all aspects of reproductive health care. Attacks on birth control access and the family planning budget would cost Minnesota women the preventative care they need to plan their lives and families. Efforts to close our abortion clinics would eliminate access to the reproductive health care that Minnesota women need. We cannot let this happen.


NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is on the front lines, fighting these legislative attacks every day. And we refuse to just play defense and let our opposition control the narrative. We're working to expand access to birth control with the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act, and to get politicians out of our doctor's offices with the Protect Physicians' Integrity Act. 


Show them that we'll never stop fighting – donate today. 


Due to our vigorous advocacy for reproductive rights, your contribution to NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is not tax-deductible.

Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation? Click here to donate to our Foundation, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Foundation.


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